Realtors, Sellers and Buyers should consider the details of not only the original
Condominium Declaration but all of its Amendments.

In 2008, Indigo Condominium Association, Inc., filed suit against the Developer
on the issue of square footage representations in the Declaration of Condominium.  
This litigation was resolved in 2019.  In the course of this litigation, the Association
obtained independent Surveyor measurements, and, in 2015, the Association
adopted the 5th Amendment to the Declaration which amended the
Fractional Share calculation based upon the "Architectural Method".

In 2020, the Association adopted the 8th Amendment to the
Declaration which added a sixth column to Exhibit B of the Declaration
entitled: Estimated "Heated and Air Conditioned" square footage.

See the following link "Frequently Asked Questions and Answers" for estimated
square footages of the individual Residential Units using both the "Architectural
Method" and the "Heated and Cooled Method" along with the Fractional Share

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (updated 12/18/20)
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Indigo Condominium
A special assessment was approved by the Board on March 6, 2021.
However, due to damage caused by Hurricane Sally on 09/16/2020,
ther special assessments may be forthcoming once the insurance claim
has been finalized.
The amount
and timeline for any further special assessments (if needed) is
unknown at this time.